Our School Facilities


We hold various opportunities for the students to showcase their academic front in the form of elocution, debate, Group Discussion etc. This itself is the biggest competition where a student competes to outshine others. It infuses a healthy competitive spirit through reward based assessment. Assemblies are organised daily to lay emphasis on the academic importance. We observe National Science day on 28th February, World Heritage Day on 18th April, World earth Day on 22nd April, Water Conservation Day on 24th April, Fire Fighter Day was observed on 4th May, World Red cross Day was observed on 8th May then we had a speech on World Population Day which falls on 11th July, National Sports Day was observed on 29th August. We observed National Education day on 11th November and we had organized other programs also. These events help in inculcating moral values and facilitate teaching. Our teaching methodologies incorporates a very innovative and dynamic approach. Activities are performed from time to time to stimulate the classroom teachings with the help of teaching aids such as smart boards, laboratories and interactive class discussions. These helps the children in the practical world. The school conducts timely evaluation to check the time to time progress of the students. The result of the academic session 2018-19 was declared on 13th March, 2019.


 We emphasise on physical development of the students as we strongly believe that, “A healthy mind dwells in a sound body.” Hence we have plethora of gaming activities available for the students at any given point of time namely football, basketball, cricket, karate, skating, badminton, pitching, khokho, aerobics and table tennis etc.


“Change is upon us. We can choose to see it as frightening and incapacitating or we can embrace the opportunities and move forward with hope towards a more sustainable world.” – Wendy Priesnitz


Sunbeam School, Mirzapur is continuously working towards the betterment of the society and the environment. We have been organising tree plantations for the last two years to help the students understand the importance of our environments and work towards sustaining it. Vaccination and health awareness camps were organised to spread awareness and take preventive measure regarding an individual’ personal well-being. As part of our regular curriculum we organised various activities like yoga for developing mental strength and lectures addressing social concerns in contemporary area like “Harmful effects of mobile.” Very recently in the month of July over 100 students led by teachers carried placards displaying messages to sensitize people about cleanliness and raising slogans of Swatch Bharat Abhiyan. Students distributed over 100 plants along with a message of cleanliness and creation of a plastic free zone. “When there is both inner and outer cleanliness, it approaches godliness.” – Mahatma Gandhi

The school has a well-equipped infirmary with – Nebulizer, Oxygen Cylinders, and Life Saving Drugs under the supervision of qualified medical assistant assisted by dedicated nannies. Regular medical check-up, eye check-up, height and weight charts etc. records are maintained. Experienced doctors working with reputed medical institutions and hospitals are called as guest faculties to educate young minds on first aid, personal hygiene, care and grooming.

Separate washrooms for girls and boys and RO filters are installed at every floor for easy access and availability purposes.


Safety is a critical aspect to be monitored in the school. Considering this to ensure and secure our safety standards, we have CCTV cameras installed in the entire school premises that cover every nook and corner. The school transport is also CCTV camera equipped and GPS enabled.


Students of Sunbeam School, Mirzapur are continuously hosting cultural events inside and outside the school premises. The events mostly carry a social message about cultural diversity, social awareness, traditions and customs, current issues are also highlighted at such events. Some of the events are as follows:


The students of Sunbeam School, Mirzapur have staged many cultural shows. The performances of the students were greatly appreciated and applauded. Recently we have Annual Day – 2019 in which the theme was “The Passionate” in which we upholded some eminent personalities of India.


Sunbeam School, Mirzapur comprises of three houses, namely: LOVE, HOPE, JOY. We have Inter House Competition regularly and encourage our students to participate in various activities in our school and also outside school. 


 To make our teaching techniques up to date we ensure that our teachers attend training, workshops and seminars on a regular basis. Our teaching faculties have attended workshops conducted by Sunbeam Group of Educational Institution. The SMC conducts workshops for the teachers.